Restructured camp prayer services with year-by-year curricula starting with basics, adding new prayers each year to complete campers’ cycle with technical knowledge of and relationship with fully structured services. Empowered children and staff to discuss, lead, and teach liturgy, integrating skills, theology, and philosophy as vehicles for self-growth and social connection. Focusing on durability, ease of use, and aesthetics, redesigned prayer books as enhanced tools to familiarize campers and staff with prayer, tradition, and God. Streamlined access to educational resources through creation and maintenance of as collection of explanations, articles, activities, and camp-specific materials. Provided constant presence in formal and informal settings, fusing unique personality and energy into lessons, casual conversations, Youtube videos during summer and year-round.

Fostered sense of Jewish community in 300+ previously disconnected middle/high school students from Boulder and surrounding areas in creation of city’s first non-denominational youth group for Jewish teens, providing leadership opportunities and after-school hangout space. Maximized engagement, education, safety, and security by serving as go-between for “Teen Council” and JCC Board, merging goals of teens and board members into cohesive events. Helped teens build fundamental leadership skills through regular meetings focused on responsible budgeting, scheduling, design, implementation, delegation, recruitment, and use of social media for effective programming. Bridged gap between small town youth and greater Jewish world through collaborative efforts with outside organizations such as “Maccabi Games and Artsfest”, Denver Hebrew High, NFTY, and BBYO, to connect tradition with joy.

Led 25 college students through winter break adventures and text study in Israel, culminating in several signing up for year-long program at Conservative Yeshiva. Advised young adults in professional and personal decision-making, empowering participants to return home with renewed passion for text and ritual practice. Modeled enthusiasm, inspiring participants to initiate group bonding and learning activities during free time.


Customized short and long-term learning for individuals and small groups of varying ages and religious backgrounds. Utilized unique teaching methods and materials to impart long-lasting knowledge while cultivating students’ desire for continued growth beyond classroom setting. Systematized educational materials and resources for finding local community through development of, enabling students to learn on their own, enhancing mindfulness of tradition, and encouraging further engagement with other Jewish organizations both local and distant. Partnered with synagogues and Hillels, offering à la carte ritual and educational services, renewing vitality by harmonizing modernity and tradition.

Guided elementary/middle school students through interactive study, using presentation and debate to cultivate self-confidence, appreciation of heritage, and love of Israel. Arranged year-long projects, ensuring tangible products to serve as reminders of efforts and progress. Corresponded with parents to gain further insight into student background and personality, enhancing classroom efficacy and excitement.

Planned and taught elective style courses for high school students, highlighting real-world topics to imbue participants with energy and passion for living Jewishly post bar/bat-mitzvah. Supervised school-wide holiday happenings, offering opportunities for engaging with Judaism in community. Interfaced with youth programs in Boulder and Denver for inter-city cooperative experiences, emphasizing importance of religious life beyond school. Chaperoned 45 high school seniors on five-week trip to Poland and Israel, building upon previous rapport to strengthen meaningful exploration of international Jewish culture and values.

Trained pre-bar/bat-mitzvah students in mastering liturgy using standardized six-step approach with individualized memory exercises to gain and maintain skills. Facilitated partner learning and class demonstrations, fostering comfortable atmosphere for room of diverse musical/Hebrew backgrounds. Used drama, storytelling, and art to bring life and meaning to biblical narratives. Engaged with parents, discussing student progress and inspiring families to delve deeper at home. Served on curricula revision committee, helping envision big picture goals and methods for smooth integration of changes. Mentored new teachers, offering techniques for effective sessions and classroom management, specializing in responses to difficult situations.